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Research & analytics division of Transvision Software and Datasolutions(TVD) offers statistical consulting services to assist businesses, government agencies, public and private organizations, universities and academic institutes to understand their customers and other constituents stakeholders utilizing data driven insights. TVD team provides statistical consulting and professional data analytics training, mapping analysis and application development for businesses and market intelligence through industry verticals.

Company provides third party monitoring services to national/state governments and NGOs in evaluation and review of programs delivered or in plan to be deliver. The research and analytics services are aimed to ease resource constraints on private and public organizations in their quest to acquire vital actionable knowledge from around the globe.

Statistical consultants are specialized in business applications, such as market research, customer satisfaction surveys, HR/product/process efficiency analysis, business goal/target-setting, talent/employee retention/acquisition, strategic and business planning, organizational performance, feasibility analysis, psychometric analysis, program evaluation and training effectiveness, consulting, information systems, industry/competitor analysis, strategic planning, market niche analysis and impact assessment, who apply advanced statistical analysis tools.

The team of statisticians understand client requirement, design projects in line with objectives, develop or refine the methodology, create assessment tools based on parameters obtained from primary/secondary research, make sampling plans, gather data from a variety of sources, explore and analyze the data applying appropriate statistical techniques and data mining techniques from descriptive statistics to predictive analysis eg. Correlation / association, linear �multiple regression, hypothesis testing, cluster analysis, factor analysis, time series analysis, logistic regression, market basket analysis, customer segmentation, CHAID, content analysis, sentiment analysis to name a few and prepare business reports and dashboards based on the analytics insights , by selecting appropriate tools for data analysis , data visualization and data reporting. The team also conduct customer satisfaction surveys, evaluate effectiveness of trainings/programs/services , effectiveness of marketing campaigns in retail or web, effectiveness of website etc and assist individuals, small, medium and start-up businesses, companies and large corporate with data discovery and business intelligence to remain at cutting-edge of competition.

Social Systems and Evaluation aims of:

  • Assisting organizations in evaluation and review of programs they are delivering or plan to deliver
  • Assisting managers to obtain key actionable information/data insights required for program and performance management and accountability
  • Assisting corporate data management teams in data mining, data discovery, modeling, predictive/prescriptive analytics/forecast to determine strategic information needs and undertaking analytic research projects or developing strategies in meeting the identified needs.

Evaluation and Review Project aims :

  • Evaluating and reviewing, using statistical/analytical methodologies developed and refined for each project, the process or impact of programs and services.
  • Identifying ways in which organizations can obtain information required for planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating programs and services.

Developing Strategic Outcome Measures Projects aims :

  • Analyzing across Government, departmental or organizational, strategies and initiatives to develop outcome frameworks.
  • Developing data indicators to measure the extent to which outcomes are achieved at required levels, including across Government, departmental, organizational, functional area or work unit levels.
  • Identifying data, from existing and new sources, to accurately measure and report on performance.

Research and Analysis Projects :

  • Undertaking research and analysis projects and studies employing appropriate statistical methodologies and approaches that meet the requirements of the client.
  • Formulation of data supported and insight inferable reports and analyses that presents information, recommendations, findings and achievable implementation strategies in a clear and concise format.

Systems Consulting and Project Management :

  • Review existing systems to assess capabilities to meet requirements of every user.
  • Designing new systems using analytics approaches to educate users and to encourage informed inputs into the design process.
  • Managing the development and implementation of systems, including identification and planning of data analytics training solutions that will lead to successful implementation.

We provide expertise in operational research and applied statistics to clients. We can help you to understand numbers and metrics that matter to business. We apply advanced analytics and data mining techniques to help clients to meet key business challenges, and provide vital inputs for decision-making. The possible applications of these methods and techniques are endless, but some typical ones are listed above. Approach research and analytics consulting team of Transvision software and Datasolutions and discuss your business requirements, we assure you satisfactory solutions.

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