Meter Data Acquisition (MDA)

Meter Data Acquisition (MDA) software is designed for acquiring meter data from the CAMRs/DCUs in GPRS/CDMA mode connected to different makes & models of Meters. Acquired data is converted into a CDF format which can be integrated to any MDMS/EA.

Salient features:

  • Supports both CDMA and GPRS Technology (depending on the network availability at the field location).
  • Supports MIOS compliant / Modbus / IEC 62056-21/ DLMS Meters.
  • IP (internet protocol) based Communication, enabling simultaneous data access from hundreds / thousands of CAMRs/ DCUs. Secure and reliable data transfer through VPN.
  • Capturing Real-time Tamper Alerts/ Event notifications.
  • SMS Alerts to field Mobile phones as per configuration.
  • On line monitoring of vital Instantaneous parameters like voltages, Currents energies, Powers, Power factor, Tamper events, Power quality etc.
  • Two way communications facilitating, monitoring, control and administration.
  • Built-in Intelligence in communication, in case of any communication break during data transfer only leftover data is sent in the next cycle.
  • Common Data Acquisition Software for any make & model of meter ( Legacy & DLMS compliant ) and any type of communication technology.

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